Update: Foster homes for all 7 dogs that faced being euthanized

An urgent call had been issued by Protecting Paws Animal Rescue.
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Update Friday A.M.

Good news, dog lovers, all seven pooches that needed foster homes have been saved for now.

Keri Bedeaux, of Protecting Paws Animal Rescue in Prior Lake, told GoMN that foster carers and other rescues centers had come forward to offer temporary homes for the dogs who faced being euthanized on Friday.

Protecting Paws meanwhile has taken two of the dogs itself.

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Foster homes are needed for seven dogs by Friday, otherwise the pets will be euthanized.

An urgent appeal has been issued by the Protecting Paws Animal Rescue in Prior Lake, which has been working to find foster families for 19 dogs transferred to local Humane Societies following an animal cruelty case.

In a Facebook post, the rescue says the 19 dogs will be killed on Friday if temporary homes can't be found for them. 

Protecting Paws founder Keri Bedeaux told GoMN that homes have been found for 12 of these, but 7 remain.

These include labradors and golden retrievers that come from a cruel background, so require patient foster carers, as the dogs have had little to no contact from humans.

The animal rescue only found out on Wednesday that the dogs face being euthanized after humane societies were inundated with traumatized dogs from the cruelty case. 

Potential fosters need to have experience with scared and shy dogs, and the dogs in question may have been exposed to parvo, so they need to be separate from current dogs.

Anyone interested should email foster.protectingpaws@gmail.com.

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