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8 Minnesotans approved for medical marijuana so far


One week after registration opened, eight Minnesotans have been approved to pick up medical marijuana beginning July 1.

The Minnesota Department of Health put out updated registration numbers Monday, outlining how many people have started or completed the registration process. Here's a quick look:

8 – Patients who are ready to pick up

These eight have completed the registration process, been certified by a practitioner, finished all the online requirements, and were approved in the registry.

Those eight are ready to pick up medical cannabis at one of the cannabis patient centers in the state when it becomes legal July 1. About 5,000 Minnesotans are expected to be eligible.

27 –Patients certified by a practitioner so far

At this point, 27 people have gotten the sign-off from a certified practitioner saying yes, they have one of the qualifying conditions to be eligible for using medical mairjuana. Of those, only 11 have completed the online and payment portion (with eight getting final approval, as noted above).

54 – Health practitioners authorized to certify patients

Of the 104 medical practitioners that have applied, 54 have been authorized and registered to certify that patients qualify for medical marijuana.

A survey found there seemed to be some trepidation among physicians about signing up early – worried that some of the drug’s affects are still unknown, or because they are nervous about violating federal law, which still bans medical marijuana.

2 – Caregivers approved to give assistance

So far two caregivers have been approved in the registry to assist approved patients with registration or picking up medical mairjuana. Seven caregivers have completed online registration and are waiting for a background check to be completed.

The Minnesota Department of Health says it expects to give another update on registration next Monday, June 15.

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