8-point buck free after being trapped along Mississippi in downtown Minneapolis

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A deer trapped on a tiny strip of land along the Mississippi River for several days has finally been freed, the Star Tribune reports.

The 8-point buck was freed Tuesday night after being confined in an area between the St. Anthony Falls lock and dam. The deer grazed on brush while hundreds of pedestrians and vehicles stopped by to look at him.

Officials scared off the animal, which swam across the small channel onto a patch of land to make his escape through a gate the officers had opened. The deer was last seen heading toward the Fort Snelling woods.

Dam officer Mike DeRusha tells KARE 11 that the deer had been trapped in the area for five days, and apparently wasn't in any hurry to leave.

DeRusha says the buck was just "laying down under one of the trees just relaxing."

"He was watching me on the lock wall and couldn't have cared less about the cars and traffic behind it," DeRusha added.

Deer in downtown Minneapolis aren't entirely uncommon. The Star Tribune says police in July were forced to shoot a wild yearling deer in a downtown lot after it was deemed a public safety threat.

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