8 things to do while you're indoors, enjoying the A/C this weekend

Want to avoid going outside? We've got 8 suggestions for things for you to watch/listen to/play/do.

It is going to be stupid hot this weekend.

For some of us, that means plenty of time indoors with the air conditioner or window fan rumbling. But then you need to find something fun to do while chilling inside.

We asked some of our GoMN, Go 96.3 and Go 95.3 coworkers for suggestions: What you should watch, read, listen to, do, play, or just enjoy in your self-imposed ice box prison. (And if you do go outside, keep yourself and your beloved pets safe.)

Hannah Olson

"To watch: Veep. If you have HBO it's just plain funny. I just got into it and despite the fact you never really know what political party ANYONE is, there is a senator from Minnesota (holla), and a lot of very goofy characters that really just bring it all together. I die laughing at almost every episode. You're really going to want a Gary after watching an episode. It makes politics a little funny with everything that has been happening.

"To do: Not go outside ..."

Auggie 5000

"100 degrees isn't that hot!" (Note: Auggie came here from Phoenix.)

"But SZA dropped her new album CTRL last night. Gonna sit with that album this weekend."

Dana Wessel

"I suggest everybody digs out the old school video game system you have in the closet or attic and hook it up. I'm a big fan of old school games and they're so much fun. You know you have an old NES or Genesis hiding somewhere. Hook it up and beat the heat with Mario and Sonic."

Kaleh Sapp

"This isn't going to sound super fun, but hear me out: you should go through your closet this weekend and get rid of clothes you don't want. Put anything you don't think you'll wear until next winter in storage, and for clothes you don't want, box them up to donate (or have a garage sale). Trust me, it feels really good purging stuff and you'll have more room in your closet for summer clothes.

"Plus you can make it fun with music and drinks – I recommend an ice cold Burnout cider from Sociable. Heck, you could even turn it into a drinking game somehow, I'm sure. I believe in you."

Reed Fischer

"Apologies to Katy Perry, but L.A. hip-hop collective Brockhampton’sSaturation is the new album you must hear first this weekend.

"If watching ousted FBI director James Comey’s testimony is not enough political drama for you, it’s the perfect time to binge-watch the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix. Although the Frank Underwood administration draws more than a few parallels to our current leadership in Washington, this fictional account is still stranger than the real thing.

"And read or re-read NBA writer Sam Smith’s account of the unfiltered MJ, The Jordan Rules, which came out 25 years ago. Sports gossip has never been the same."

Marcus Frys

"They have cooling towels that I use when walking the dog or trying to stay on the hot porch when it is almost too hot. They get wet and evaporate to cool. Put it around your neck and you feel like 20 degrees cooler immediately.

"I also made two of these tacky things that are genius: Homemade A/C. (Video instructions are above.)"

Chaz Kangas

"The episode of Cheers where Cliff goes on Jeopardy is my go-to viewing recommendation when people ask me what to watch. It's a timeless classic half-hour of comedy. As for reading, Jack Handey's The Stench of Honolulu is a hilarious summer mini-epic from the creator of Saturday Night Live's 'Deep Thoughts.'"

Shaymus McLaughlin

"I just finished Al Franken's new book, and instead of starting another one gave the game Life is Strange a chance. I have no idea if I like it as much as reviewers – it's sloooooooow early on, and the script is annoyingly on-the-nose.

"But I'm also weirdly intrigued by the main mechanic (reversing time) and consequences system (you get an ominous little 'This choice will have consequences' message when you make seemingly banal decisions, but don't have any idea what those repercussions will be.) So it's at least worth a try."

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