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8-year-old advises Obama to start wearing tie-dye, president responds

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An 8-year-old girl from a military family has some advice for the President of the United States.

That's why Lily wrote Barack Obama a one-page letter, eloquently advising him to wear tie-dye clothes to "something important."

Her reasoning: Obama needs to have more fun.

Lily – who says she's Obama's "biggest fan" – also states that wars and the Zika virus are making America sad.

So "the country needs more spunk."

Hey, it makes sense.

The 8-year-old went on to congratulate Obama on his eight years in office.

She added that her dream job is to be a cardiovascular surgeon. And if that doesn't work out, her backup is to become president.

Obama's response

The President responded, too.

Obama kind of shot down the whole tie-dye idea, making the excuse that his family probably wouldn't like him to wear that in public.

He went on to to address some of her concerns, saying they're working hard to "make sure you can live safely and reach for boundless opportunity."

Obama ended his letter saying he believes she can achieve her dreams as long as she works hard.

Concluding with "I expect great things from you."

No pressure, Lily.

 (Photo: The White House)

(Photo: The White House)

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