83-year-old skydives to inspire seniors

Karl Aho, of Two Harbors, celebrated his 83rd birthday by skydiving. “Growing old doesn't mean you have to grow dull,” Aho said. “You can do all kinds of exciting things in life, and this is what I chose to do.”
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Karl Aho, of Two Harbors, celebrated his birthday by jumping out of a plane in an effort to inspire other seniors, KDIO reports.

After landing softly, the exhilarated octogenarian said, “Just unbelievably wonderful. Go do it right now!”

His wife, Alene, did it a few years ago to celebrate beating cancer., Northland's Newscenter reports:

In other news Monday, for the first time ever, Sky Dive Superior hosted parachute jumps on Duluth's Park Point, Northland's Newscenter reported. The "Swoopers" were allowed to land on the beach shoreline after gilding across Lake Superior.

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