Dayton denies allegations he suggested buying marijuana on the street

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Gov. Mark Dayton Friday denied allegations by the mother of a sick child that he suggested she buy marijuana on the street.

When asked to elaborate, Dayton answered "no," at a Wednesday news conference by medical marijuana advocates. The Associated Press reports the governor said, "I've said all I'm going to say about medical marijuana."

Hauser, 36, says she was disappointed in Dayton's denial, telling the AP "I have no reason to lie."

Dayton has maintained there isn’t enough research to back medical marijuana in Minnesota.

Until earlier this month, the AP reports, Dayton had said he would not support a medical-marijuana bill or one that allows for the smoking of the drug without the backing of state law-enforcement groups.

Last week Dayton he announced he would be requesting $2.2 million for a medical-marijuana research project on oil extracts.

But Dayton said Tuesday medical marijuana activists notified his administration they don't support the study. The governor said lawmakers sponsoring the medical marijuana bill don't back it either, casting support for medical marijuana this session in doubt.

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