9-year-old stowaway told police: 'No one cares about me'


FOX 9 has obtained the Las Vegas police report on the 9-year-old Minneapolis boy who drew national attention this week after he slipped past airport security and gate officials and hopped a Delta flight to Nevada.

Among the report details is this sad note: When asked about what he'd done, the boy said, "No one cares about me."

The report also notes that the boy told police he had found a boarding pass on the ground, picked it up and walked toward a security checkpoint, but surveillance video shows he had no paper in his hands, FOX reports.

FOX reports that the boy, who has remained in Las Vegas all week, is due to return to Minnesota on Friday, although it's not clear whether he will be returned to his parents.

The troubled boy was in court in Nevada earlier in the week, where a judge said that in cases like this, children are typically transported back to their home states for further proceedings.

The boy's unidentified father made a tearful plea for help at a press conference this week, saying that the boy was out of control and had become too much for him to handle. The father has said he loves his son and is not giving up on him. “He’s not a terrorist. He’s a 9-year-old child,” the father said.

Two days before the airport scheme last week, the 9-year-old stole a commercial truck from a Minneapolis business and took a 9-mile joyride.

Delta Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration are continuing to investigate how the boy made it through multiple checkpoints unchaperoned and without a boarding pass.

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