9-year-old stowaway's theft of truck detailed; father 'not giving up' on son


The father of the Minneapolis nine-year-old who was a stowaway on a flight to Las Vegas last week says he doesn't know what to do about his son's behavioral problem, but loves the boy and is not giving up on him.

WCCO reports the man agreed to an interview but asked that his name and image not be made public.

Meanwhile, police reports and media interviews are shedding more light on the boy's theft of a delivery truck two days before he flew to Las Vegas without a chaperone or ticket.

KARE-11 says police reports indicate a child stole a commercial truck from a Minneapolis business on October first, was chased by law enforcement into Edina, and eventually crashed into a police squad car there. KARE's report says along the way the stolen truck hit and damaged ten other vehicles.

MPR spoke with the owner of one of those vehicles, who says a police officer told him the stolen truck that caused the damage was driven by the same nine-year-old who later gained national attention for his Vegas jaunt.

In his WCCO interview, the father said he's been seeking help for the boy for years and that while the child is a typical nine-year-old in many ways, he's also a "charmer." According to the report, the boy left the house to take out the garbage last Wednesday and did not return. The father tells WCCO he thought his son was staying with a friend, which was not unusual

On Monday the Star Tribune obtained a memo written by a Hennepin County official, who explained to County Board members that the boy has been investigated by child protection officials four times since last December.

The author of that email told the Associated Press Tuesday the memo was classified as private and was never authorized for public release.

USA Today reports authorities were working with the boy's mother to arrange his return to Minnesota Tuesday.


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