A baby delivered prematurely after the pregnant mother was attacked has died

New charges against the assault suspect are likely.

A Rochester woman who was 26 weeks pregnant woke up to a terrifying scene last week when her ex-boyfriend barged into her home as she slept and began yelling at her, she told police. 

The criminal complaint later filed against Chaz Moore (read it here) says he grabbed the victim by her arms, leaving bruises, and slammed her back down onto the bed – smashing her cell phone and flipping over a nightstand and a couch on his way out of the house.

When she felt abdominal pain and saw blood running down her leg, the woman drove herself to a hospital at Mayo Clinic Thursday. Doctors said the woman's placenta was torn and the baby was not getting blood, so they did an emergency c-section.

The baby was born alive and was quickly connected to a breathing tube, authorities say. 

But after a few days on life support, the child was pronounced dead on Sunday evening, a police investigator tells GoMN. 

New charges expected

Moore, 20, was arrested Thursday night and charged last week with assault and domestic abuse. 

Rochester Police Captain John Sherwin says the investigation is still underway, and now that the baby has died a manslaughter charge is possible. 

"It's our intention that we will be amending the charges," Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem tells GoMN. He says it's not clear yet what those new or additional charges will be. That, he says, will depend partly on the baby's medical reports. 

An autopsy was underway Monday. 

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