A call to help a Minnesota family whose apartment was destroyed by a fire


The fire department of Wyoming is counting on the kindness of strangers to help a family whose home was devastated by a fire on July 4.

A family with two children was left homeless after the fire on E. Viking Boulevard in the city just before 10 a.m. on Monday, with the American Red Cross on hand to help them find temporary accommodation.

But the Wyoming Fire Department – which said it also rescued two cats while putting out the blaze – said the family needs more than just a place to live as the fire destroyed nearly all of their possessions.

In a Facebook post, the department says the family is living in a nearby vacant apartment, and it has been able to cover some of the family's needs through an emergency "After The Fire" kit.

"We have some of their needs covered," the post continues, "but they will have more."

Here are a couple more photos from the fire department.



The local gas station and the Pretty Bird Pet Food Company in Stacy have already donated money and cat food, litter and toys.

The fire department is looking for any other help people can offer the family. They're also asking for people to contribute to another "After The Fire" kit to help the next local family that loses its home.

"We now need to put together a new kit at the cost of approximately $1,000 for all the gift cards, equipment and supplies. Would you consider paying it forward to help the next family in Wyoming get back on their feet?" the post says.

Anyone who can help can email jjhastings@wyomingmn.org. All the money raised will be managed by the Wyoming Relief Association to assist local families.

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