A cat's adventures in Fargo: Pet finds her way home after being missing 4 months



For four months, Na'vi the cat went off on her own adventures, before returning home to an owner who had feared the worst.

Fargo 23-year-old Destini Spaeth was heartbroken when her long-haired cat disappeared from her apartment on July 2.

She made impassioned pleas on social media and Craigslist for information about her fugitive feline, even offering up what remained in her savings account shortly after graduating college as a reward.

She enlisted the help of her mother to go out searching for the kitty "day and night" with no luck – and with each passing day the hopes of her returning grew slimmer.

There had been a couple of sightings reported in July, but information dwindled until a few weeks ago, when the Fargo Forum reports Destini received word that her cat had "handed herself in" to two local women who found her in their back yard.

After spending some time at the vet, Na'vi returned home this past Sunday following 114 days on the road, with Destini none-the-wiser about his exploits during that time – although her lack of weight loss suggests she had no trouble finding food.


"I know that there are more important things going on," Destini told the newspaper, "but this is is what's the most important thing to me right now."

Destini posted a picture of herself with Na'vi on Instagram, saying: "Na'vi is home after 114 days of adventure in the city. I think we're both glad she found her way back."


Four months may seem like a long time, but compared to other marauding cats Na'vi has a long way to go.

The Mail Online reported a ginger tomcat called Jesse returned to its owner in Staffordshire, England, eight years after escaping its cage.

And LifeWithCats reported last year that pet kitty Shelby went missing from her home in Australia, only to find her way back some 13 years later.

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