Rescuers finally saved a cat that was stuck in a Waconia drain pipe for 4 days

'Piper' became the subject of an intense rescue effort in Waconia.
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It took days of work, but a crew of more than a dozen cat lovers was finally able to rescue a feline that fell into the storm drain at a Waconia parking lot. 

The rescue was streamed live on Facebook Wednesday, after the kitty – dubbed Piper by its supporters – spent four days in the drain.

Concerned citizens who heard meowing spread the word and were able to get a camera lowered into the 5-inch-wide space and get a look at Piper. 

There was even a GoFundMe page that raised more than $2,000 for the rescue effort. 

The fear was that rainwater or cold temperatures would do in the cat before he could be saved, but instead there was a happy ending that was widely celebrated on Piper's Facebook page.

Below is our story from earlier Wednesday, before Piper was saved:

It's like one of those classic "trapped in a well" stories – except the one who needs rescuing is a cat.

The animal somehow ended up falling into a parking lot drain in the town of Waconia on Sunday night, and since then has been the focus of an intense rescue effort.

That includes an online fundraiser (which has raised thousands of dollars already), and the on-the-scene involvement of volunteers, firefighters, and even a city official, the GoFundMe page says. 

Rescuers have named the cat, appropriately, "Piper." 

The effort to bail him out has captured the interest of all kinds of local media, including FOX 9the Jordan Independent, and WCCO:

According to the latest GoFundMe update, which was posted on Tuesday, the group has managed to get a "sewer services" company from Belle Plaine to show up and help out. They were able to use a sewer camera to locate the cat, but as of Wednesday afternoon, the animal continues to elude rescue.

"He's keeping us on our toes and we have to keep making changes to our plans in quick fashion," Linda J. Hoffman, who started the fundraiser as well as the Facebook group "Piper the Kitty Trapped in the Drain," told GoMN.

Piper has now been stuck for about four days, and the clock is ticking. The cat is apparently trapped between two downspouts, so if it rains, "he will drown," the GoFundMe says.

Here's video from the scene:

The fundraiser has so far garnered over $2,500, with a total goal of $3,000.

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