A colder and snowier winter is expected for Minnesota

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its latest winter projections.
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Winter is on course to be colder and snowier than usual in Minnesota, judging by the latest predictions from the National Weather Service.

Its latest outlook for December through February shows weather in the upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest trending cooler than the average of previous years.

Meanwhile the entire northern reaches of the country can expect to see more precipitation (ie. mostly snow) than usual.


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So what about Minnesota?

Minnesota is in the band showing there's a 33-40 percent chance it'll be cooler than average in December, January and February. 

For context, average highs in those three months is 29, 26 and 31 respectively, with lows 13, 7 and 12 respectively.

As for precipitation, most of Minnesota is in the band showing there's a 30-40 percent chance more will fall than usual.

Only a small area of southwest Minnesota is not included in this band, suggesting it'll see rain and snowfall closer to the norm.

Snowfall averages depend on where you live in the state. In the Twin Cities, the average for the winter months is 11.5 inches in December, 12.1 inches in January and 7.8 inches in February.

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