A deer on the beer: Buck smashes through Wisconsin bar window, hangs out

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A confused deer ended up at the wrong kind of watering hole on Monday, breaking into a Wisconsin bar via the front window.

An employee of Junior's Bar & Restaurant in River Falls got a shock when he arrived at work Tuesday morning to discover an 8-to-10 point buck wandering the floor, WCCO reports.

He took a video of his discovery that was posted to the bar's Facebook page, which also has a picture showing the remnants of the window that the buck smashed through to gain entry (maybe there was a cover charge).

The bar saw the funny side to the intrusion, explaining that the deer – which it named "Junior the Buck" – probably had one too many Spotted Cows on Monday night.

After the footage was captured, the deer escaped the bar and headed down Main Street.

"Even the local deer can't resist the great food and drinks at Junior's in River Falls!" it said on Tuesday afternoon. "And Yes, we are open for normal business tonight with a limited amount [of] venison on the menu!"

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