A donor, a police chief, a mechanic – and a story of small town generosity

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Here's a story that will warm your heart, a tale of generosity from Kenyon, Minnesota during the season of giving.

Lee Sjolander, the chief of police in the southeast Minnesota city, shared in a Facebook post on Thursday his experience of helping out a driver whose car was having issues on a busy local road.

Earlier in the day, he had been handed a cash donation by a citizen during a home visit, who gave it over with the instructions:"Do what you guys do best, help someone."

He didn't have to wait long for an opportunity, as he came upon a driver who was having not only some vehicle issues, but also some money issues. The motorist was crestfallen when Sjolander told them they needed a tow.

"I can tell by the look on their face, that this is going to be a problem. They tell me they can't afford this right now, and with the holidays coming they're not sure what to do. Just then, I remembered the money that was sitting in my squad. I told them it was going to be fine, and we waited for the tow truck."

The tale of small town kindness continued when the tow truck turned up, with the owner refusing payment for the tow – instead insisting that the money given to the driver by Sjolander be used for more extensive repairs the person's vehicle required.

You can read the police chief's full story here.


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