A driver in northern Minnesota crashed into a bear


A woman in northern Minnesota had to go to the hospital after she hit a bear on the highway.

Here's what happened, according to the State Patrol's incident report.

The woman was driving west on Highway 169, at County Road 125, a little after 9 p.m. Thursday when two bears appeared in the road.

She tried to swerve around them both, but ended up hitting one of them.

The 57-year-old driver, from Chisholm, was taken to a Hibbing hospital with non-life threatening injuries. She had her seat bealt on at the time, and the airbag deployed in the crash.

The car suffered moderate damage, the State Patrol's report says.

Sgt. Neil Dickenson told BringMeTheNews he isn't able to get the condition of the struck bear as of Friday afternoon.

He also doesn't know what kind of bear it was, but the DNR says the black bear is the only species of bear in the state.

Dickenson doesn't have specific stats for car-bear crashes, but said it does happen occasionally up in the northern part of the state.

The DNR says there are about 20,000 black bears in Minnesota, living across most of the entire northern half of the state (though they don't quite reach the very western edge). They're generally restricted to forested areas, and often try to avoid people.

Smaller bears, usually female, come in at around 150 pounds, while the larger males reach up to 500 pounds.

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