A giant corn maze in the shape of Minnesota opens this weekend

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Have you ever wanted to visit all of Minnesota's 87 counties in a day?

Well now you can – at least in corn maze form.

The Spronk family created a 6-acre corn maze in the shape of the state of Minnesota with every county cut into it, on Leon Spronk's land in Edgerton (located in southwestern Minnesota).

The maze opens Saturday as part of the eighth Annual Rock River Pumpkin Festival, which is put on by Southwest Minnesota Christian High School. This is the fifth year there's been a corn maze at the event, according to the city's website.

The design

Leon Spronk's nephew, Seth Spronk, spent about 10 hours designing the maze, and then it took him a little more than 3 hours to cut the design into the corn field. To do so, he used a GPS on a skid loader – and his engineering degree, Leon Spronk told BringMeTheNews.

"It's a unique intellectual challenge," Seth Spronk told the West Central Tribune. "I'm using production-grade agriculture software to map the maze. It's not set up for artistic mapping."

The entrance of the maze is in northeastern Minnesota, with the maze bringing people around the state and back up to the exit, located at Lake of the Woods.

The maze is simpler than the ones they've designed in the past (there's been a symmetrical maze, the image of a hay field with people in a tractor and wagon, and a scare crow), Leon Spronk said. He said the Minnesota maze is pretty straightforward with straight lines – but that hasn't kept him from getting a little turned around while maintaining the maze.

And for maze experts who are looking for more of a challenge, there are different tasks to be completed as people weave through the maze. The Southwest Minnesota Christian High School came up with 11 clues (like where is the Mayo Clinic?) that will lead people throughout the state, the school told BringMeTheNews.

If you plan to go

If you can't make it to the maze on Saturday, no worries.

It's open throughout the month of October. All you have to do is drive to the maze (there's limited parking available). Admission is a suggested donation of $3.

For more information on visiting the maze, contact the Southwest Minnesota Christian High School at 507-442-4471.

There are other corn mazes throughout the state this fall as well. For more on those and other fall-themed events, visit Explore Minnesota's website here.

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