A hex on the Lex? Legendary St. Paul restaurant back on market


Just couple months back, restaurant-goers were abuzz that the Lexington, the fabled restaurant on Grand and Lexington avenues in St. Paul, had been sold.

Now, the Lex is back on the market. The Pioneer Press reports that according to one of the current owners, John Hickey, the buyers defaulted on the agreement last week.

The PiPress says the realtor who is selling the property,said the company is looking for a buyer who "can make the best use of this historic site."

The Lexington has been a St. Paul staple since 1935. It has long had a reputation where St. Paul power brokers and families co-mingle.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal has a statement from Hickey that reads, “I think both parties were disappointed it didn’t go through because the buyers had a visionary plan to take advantage of the new outdoor dining permit, but in the end they just couldn’t execute the deal."

Hickey, along with his wife Michelle, bought the restaurant two years ago with Ed and Jenni Ryan.

The proposed owners were Kevin Geisen and Joe Kassel, who own the Eagle Street Grille across the street from Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul.

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