A homeless veteran is moved to tears by a local company's gesture

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A local business' thank you to a homeless veteran brought him to tears.

Matt Hammill, 31, who served in the Persian Gulf, is one of many veterans that face homelessness after serving in the military.

He had to quit his job as a tow truck driver because of chronic pain and upcoming surgeries, his GoFundMe page says, and without money he was forced to move out of his townhouse.

He's been relying on his truck for a place to sleep and for transportation to various medical appointments at the VA Hospital – until he found out his truck was unsafe to drive.

That's when White Bear Lake Mitsubishi stepped in to help.

"Tonight our employees rest well knowing they made a difference," White Bear Mitsubishi posted on its Facebook page.

The dealership gave him a Mitsubishi Montero SUV, and employees raised money to give him gas cards to help pay for fuel, KSTP reports.

"We'd like to make sure transportation isn't the reason why you have a roadblock to getting better. We appreciate your service to our country," General Manager Richard Herod III told Hammill Monday, KSTP says.

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There are numerous programs set up to help the hundreds of homeless veterans in Minnesota and Hammill, along with many others, is on the waiting list for housing, KSTP reported earlier this month.

In 2013, there were about 350 homeless veterans in the state of Minnesota, MPR News reported, and the number of homeless vets has dropped by nearly half in the last five years.

Veterans make up about 8.8 percent of the homeless population nationwide, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, and the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs has made it a top priority to end homelessness for veterans by the end of the year.

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