A little snow, much cooler temperatures on tap


When you wake up Friday morning, you may need to break out the shovel and the snow scraper as November's second little storm moves into Minnesota.

"It doesn’t look like Snowmageddon," Minnesota Public Radio's Paul Huttner says. "No need to play the weather terrorist card."

Huttner says a period of light snow is expected Thursday evening into early Friday morning, leaving enough snow to shovel or maybe even plow.

However, WCCO's Mike Augustyniak expects a 3- to 6-hour window of snow to begin Thursday afternoon.

Local meteorologists seem to be on the same page as far as how much snow we'll get. Paul DouglasPatrick HammerSven Sundgaard and Keith Marler are all forecasting 1-2 inches in the Twin Cities when it's all said and done.

The cool air is the bigger story.

After mild temperatures Wednesday, the arctic air will drop temperatures Thursday that will likely hold through the weekend, when some of the coldest temperatures of the month are expected.

Hammer says Saturday's Gopher football game could be the coldest home game since 1951 at Memorial Stadium.

"It won't stay bitter for long, but by Saturday there should be no doubt in your mind that we're sliding into winter," Douglas said.

Highs in the 30s should return in time for Thanksgiving, which looks to be storm-free.

To keep an eye on the weather in real time, see BringMeTheNews’ live radar.

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