These are the 3 Baton Rouge officers shot and killed Sunday

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Three law enforcement officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge Sunday, and three of their colleagues were injured – the latest in a string of violence between police and citizens.

Here's a look at those who died, and the most recent news about the suspected gunman.

Brad Garafola, 45

"We are devastated to lose one of our own, and another is now in a fight for his life." – East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux.

“He loved us so much. He was always bragging about his family.” – Garafola's wife, to The Advocate.

Matthew Gerald, 41

“He was a damn good man. You’re not going to find any better.” – Neighbor Stephanie Morgan to The Advocate.

“Matt was the kind of guy that you knew immediately when he entered the room." – Ryan Cabral, who served with Gerald in Iraq, to the Washington Post.

Montrell Jackson, 32

"It motivated him to go out and change people's lives. He was on (the force) to help people, to make you have a better day." – Darnell Murdock, a friend, to The Advocate.

"Please don’t let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better. I’m working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family, or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer I got you." – Jackson, in a Facebook post from July 8.

"Both of these men were assigned to the Uniform Patrol Bureau and were great examples of what it means to protect and serve – a mission they demonstrated through their work at the department and in their daily lives." – Baton Rouge Police Department.

Of the three other officers who were injured:

  • One, 41-year-old Nicholas Tullier, was in critical condition and "absolutely fighting for his life," Gov. John Bel Edwards said.
  • The two others suffered non-life threatening injuries, WWL reported.

The suspected gunman

The man suspected of fatally shooting three law enforcement officers and wounding three more in Baton Rouge Sunday was reportedly a former Marine.

Gavin Long, from Kansas City, turned 29 years old the day of the shooting, the Associated Press says. Authorities believe he was the lone gunman.

According to CNN, Long served in Iraq and was discharged in 2010 as a sergeant.

The New York Times reports, state police said Monday morning that the gunman was targeting officers, describing it as an ambush.

"We are still trying to find out what his motive was, and that’s going to be part of our investigation. But we believe he was targeting those officers," Lt. J.B. Slaton, according to the Times.

"His movements, his direction, his attention was on police officers," state police Col. Mike Edmonson said, The Advocate reports.

NBC News looked into his digital presence, including a website called Convos with Cosmos – in which he describes himself as "an avid student of nutrition, health, fitness, personal transformation and spiritual mastery," since he was 16. He also calls himself a freedom strategist."

On Sunday morning, he tweeted this:

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