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A look at the number of people who voted in the Minneapolis primary


Turnout in last week's primary election rose in Minneapolis compared to two years ago, but still fewer than one in six registered voters cast a ballot.

The City of Minneapolis released turnout data on Monday, revealing 15.44 percent of registered voters voted earlier this month, a not insignificant rise on the 12.46 percent total turnout in 2014 and the highest seen in a presidential year primary since 2000.

Minneapolis calculates turnout in a different way to the state of Minnesota so a direct comparison between the two is not possible, but unofficial estimates from the Secretary of State Steve Simon put the statewide level at just round 7 percent, according to KEYC.

Here's a look at the figures from Minneapolis:

Total voters

There were 224,384 registered voters in Minneapolis as of 7 a.m. on Aug. 9, which is actually a drop of about 8,000 compared to 2014.

Of those registered voters, 35,227 cast a ballot, of which 4,654 were absentee ballots.

Here's how the votes were split up:

Ward with highest turnout

As was the case in 2014, Ward 6 – which covers an area of Minneapolis immediately south of downtown – had the highest turnout with a total turnout of 26.39 percent.

Interestingly, more people chose to cast their ballots as absentees than turning up on election day, taking advantage of Minneapolis' "Vote Early" campaign to register their vote.

In Ward 6, 1,972 voters cast absentee ballots, compared to 1,777 who showed up on the day.

Much of Ward 6 is covered by Minnesota Senate District 62, for which there were Republican and DFL primaries on election day. As the only candidate standing, Bruce Lundeen won the GOP nomination with 165 votes, while in the DFL race, incumbent Jeff Hayden beat a challenge from Mohamoud Hassan by 3,711 votes to 1,383.

Part of the ward is also covered by Minnesota House District 60B, where there was a strong push to unseat incumbent state Rep. Phyllis Kahn. Ilhan Omar defeated Kahn after securing 40.97 percent of the vote, the Secretary of State's website shows.

Ward with the lowest turnout

In Ward 5, which covers an area of north Minneapolis, barely more than one in 10 voters turned out to cast a ballot.

The total turnout was 11.02 percent, with just 1,600 votes cast in an area containing 14,328 registered voters.

In the State Senate race for Senate Seat 59 (and area that includes downtown Minneapolis as well as Ward 5), Bobby Joe Champion beat Patwin Lawrence by 4,020 votes to 883.

GOP candidate Jennifer Carnahan, running unopposed, got 293 votes.

In the District 59A House Race, Fue Lee beat Joe Mullery to the DFL candidacy by a vote of 1,584-1,269, while Jessica Newville got the GOP nomination with 155 votes.

Absentee ballots

In total, 13.21 percent of voters cast their votes as absentees, either showing up before primary day to vote or sending their vote in by mail.

Here's a look at how these people cast their ballots:

  • 44 percent went to the Early Vote Center t 217 S. Third St.
  • 29 percent cast their vote by mail.
  • 12 percent voted while they were in a health care facility.
  • 11 percent submitted their vote at Hennepin County service centers.
  • The rest had their ballots delivered by someone else on their behalf.

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