A Minnesota city has been named one of the best in the U.S.

You don't have to leave the state to check out one of the country's best cities.

Looking for the best cities in the U.S.? Conde Nast Traveler says one of them is right here in Minnesota: Minneapolis.

The online travel magazine says its readers voted for the best big and small cities in the U.S., with "large cities" meaning cities with a populations higher than 150,000.

And after tallying over 100,000 votes, it turns out Minneapolis is the 14th best large city in the country.

Here's what the magazine has to say about Minnesota:

'"Minnesota nice' is a real thing, and Minneapolis, the state’s most populous city, has it in spades. Locals will happily point you toward the iconic Guthrie Theater for a show, the Walker Art Museum for contemporary art, and Uptown and Lake of the Isles Park for miles and miles of bike—and walking—trails. By the way: a Juicy Lucy? A must."

It's not the most detailed descriptor, but it's very true.

While Minneapolis is pretty large, you don't have to actually leave the city to get out of the city.

The city's Park and Recreation Board says it has 55 miles of parkways and 51 miles of walking and biking paths. In regards to that, Minneapolis has also been named one of the best biking cities.

Additionally, the Walker's Sculpture Garden is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the U.S.

Other rankings

At the top of the Best Big Cities list is New York City, followed by Chicago and San Francisco.

Other than Chicago, Minneapolis is the only city in the Midwest that made the list.

Conde Nast Traveler also has a list of the best small cities in the country. No Minnesota cities made that list, though.

And if you want to find the best cities in the world, Conde Nast has that list too.

On a less positive note, Minneapolis has also been named one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

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