A Minnesota college says it's getting all its power from the wind and sun

St. Olaf has a new wind power deal with Xcel Energy and says its electricity will be carbon free

St. Olaf College is now the biggest Minnesota subscriber to Xcel Energy's wind power program, pushing the school toward its goal of powering its Northfield campus without burning any greenhouse gases.

Xcel welcomed St. Olaf to the utility company's "Windsource" program on Monday, saying the college's move to wind energy will prevent 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The college was already a big supporter of community solar gardens.

St. Olaf said this month a solar development on 40 acres of college-owned land north of campus is nearly finished. They're also supporting 21 other solar gardens in the region.

Add it all up, St. Olaf says, and the college will be getting electricity to all 56 of its buildings without burning any carbon.

Xcel wind and solar programs growing

While St. Olaf went all in on renewable energy, plenty other Minnesotans are at least dabbling in it through Xcel Energy's subscription programs.

Under "Windsource" customers pay a little more to get some or all of their energy from wind power.

Xcel says 45,000 Minnesota homes and 280 businesses are taking part. You can sign up for "Windsource" here. There's a similar program for community solar gardens here.

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