A MN resident's kind gesture for 'those who need a helping hand'

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Some families will have a bit of an easier time this holiday season thanks to the kindness of an anonymous Minnesotan.

Kenyon Police Department Chief Lee Sjolander wrote on Facebook about a local resident – who wants to remain anonymous – that came in and donated four $25 gift cards for the local grocery store, Kenyon Market.

The individual "asked that we give them to those who need a helping hand," Sjolander wrote.

"We know that times can be tough, especially over the holidays, and a gift like this can make a huge difference for someone," the post says. "All we ask is that you pay it forward when you can."

By Thursday evening the gift cards were "all gone and are going to be put to good use," the department says.

The USDA’s Economic Research Service says about one in every 10 Minnesota households (10.4 percent) was considered “food insecure” from 2012-14. About one in every 25 households (4.2 percent) was “very low food insecure.”

“Food insecurity” is defined by the agency as not having access to, or not knowing if you’ have access to, nutritionally adequate foods.

In Kenyon, four people may have it a little easier, even if just for one night.

"To the family that did this, thank you," Sjolander wrote. "You are part of what makes working here such a blessing."


Kenyon was actually the subject of another recent story of generosity – when Sjolander was given cash and told to "Do what you guys do best, help someone.”

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