A ND state employee made a huge Twitter gaffe on debate night


A staffer for the North Dakota Department of Health accidentally used the department's official Twitter account to make personal comments on Monday's presidential debate.

The posts on the agency's Twitter page, which have since been deleted, took shots at Donald Trump and host Lester Holt.

"Grow a pair, Lester," one of the tweets said, judging by screen grabs taken by other users before the tweets were deleted.

Another commented on Trump's hair, reading: "Trump's hair is weirder than usual ... blow dry Gail?"


Responsible for the tweets was Colleen Reinke, the department's public information officer, who told the Forum News Service that she "grabbed the wrong phone."

"This obviously is not the position of the department and I’m mortified," she told the news service. "Reporting to my boss now. My sincere apologies. The tweets have been deleted… Not soon enough, obviously."

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