A plane that looked a lot like Air Force One was just in Fargo


Some Fargo residents might have thought the president – or at least his plane – was flying over on Monday.

But that wasn't Air Force One flying overhead, it was just a plane that kind of looked like it.

Valley News Live says there was a Boeing 737 in town and it was painted in the same colors as the Boeing 747 that carries the president.

According to WDAY, the large military plane had come from an Air Force base to do some training.

Shawn Dobberstein – the executive director of the Fargo Airport Authority – tells the station that military planes sometimes go to Fargo because of the style of runway there as well as opportunities to practice in high winds.

They may have been practicing "touch and go" maneuvers that day, the stations say.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association says that's a move where a pilot goes to land a plane on a runway, touches down, then immediately takes off again.

Pilots can use it if they find a runway hazard as they're about to land.

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