A reminder to avoid Costco during the last few days before Christmas

Shoppers have been sharing their stories of jam-packed Costco stores.

Let the experiences of these shoppers serve as a timely warning for future years. If at all possible, don't go to Costco this close to Christmas.

The picture above was taken by GoMN photographer Darin Kamnetz, who observed the giant lines at the Costco in Eden Prairie Friday morning.

The lines at the tills were huge, while police were required to direct traffic outside, he said on Twitter.

The scene was one replicated at Costco locations across the country, as shoppers stocked up on supplies and gifts with mere days left until Christmas.

It's not just confined to the U.S. either. One of Costco's few U.K. locations has seen reported of two-hour-long traffic jams on Friday, according to the Cheshire Chronicle.

And plenty of exasperated shoppers have shared their Costco struggles on social media today. Let their experiences stick in your memories next Christmas.

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