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A robot that can leap 4 feet in the air and cruise down snowy hills now exists

This thing is 6'5" and can jump 4 feet in the air.

We've come a long way from the ketchup-squirting, 20th Century Fox theme robot.

Meet Handle, a 6-foot-5 robot built by Boston Dynamics that can jump 4 feet in the air, lift 100 pounds, roll down snowy hills and jump over objects like a souped-up Tony Hawk Pro Skater character.

Seriously, look at this (and the last jump intentionally cuts off before the landing, FYI:


The company released video of Handle in action Monday. It shows him/her/it doing a whole range of activities, including the above-mentioned leaping, going down stairs and a hill with zero problems, lifting up heavy objects, and generally wheeling around.

It's got wheel-feet, which lets it handle flat surfaces and other different terrain. It can hit speeds of 9 mph, with a range of 15 miles or so on one battery charge. The company also says it's less complex than many other robots, "with only about 10 actuated joints."

Gizmodo notes footage of the robot actually leaked about a month ago, but says this is our first official look at Handle.

According to Tech Crunch, Handle isn't being used for anything except research and development at this point.

Here's one more GIF of Handle cruising down a snowy hill, and remember to check out the video for more.


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