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A vehicle hit, killed a 200-pound bear

Bears are 'uncommon' in this Twin Cities suburb.

A driver hit and killed a 200-pound bear over the weekend. 

But this didn't happen in northern Minnesota. The bear was found near Maple Hill Road and County Road 10 in Corcoran, which is about 21 miles northwest of Minneapolis.

The Corcoran Police Department posted a photo of the bear on Facebook Monday, saying bear sightings in the city are "uncommon." 

That's because black bears typically stick to the northern third of the state, where they live in forests, swamps and areas that are densely covered, the Minnesota DNR's website says

But if you do happen to see a bear, police say don't approach it. Bears will typically avoid people. 

Police say they'll use the bear's hide for educational purposes for the department's Firearms Safety Program. 

The driver who hit the bear hasn't come forward, the Star Tribune says

The 'fall shuffle'

Although bears usually don't make their way to the metro, it does happen. The mammals follow their noses to find food, which can bring them farther south. 

This is a lot more common in the fall, with the DNR saying bears will roam long distances in search of food-rich areas (especially acorns) so they can fatten up for their long winter hibernation – this migration is referred to as the "fall shuffle."

After they find their food, they'll return to their home range to den for the winter, the National Park Service says. Denning can happen as early as September (if the food supply is plentiful) and as late as December.

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