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Black Lives Matter plans next steps in #Justice4Jamar protests


It's been one week since Jamar Clark was shot by Minneapolis police following what authorities say was a struggle, and protesters are still gathered outside the Fourth Precinct demanding justice.

Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and community leaders have asked for video of the shooting to be released – and demonstrators say they'll remain outside the police station until videos are made public. Gov. Mark Dayton and city leaders have also come out in support of some of the protesters' demands.

Activists say releasing the video will clear up debate over whether Clark was handcuffed when he was shot in the head on Nov. 15 – witnesses say he was handcuffed, but police dispute that claim.

That will be part of the Department of Justice's investigation, and attorneys for the agency were expected to arrive in Minnesota Sunday, reports note.

A "key issue" while they're here will be whether officials should make those videos public, The Associated Press says. Federal officials have said they won’t release the tapes at this point because it could be “detrimental” to their investigation.

Dayton said in a statement Saturday that he will urge investigators to release the tapes as "soon as doing so will not jeopardize the Department of Justice's investigation." Dayton also said he will urge the Justice Department to investigation any police actions in Minneapolis in the past week that may have violated civil rights.

In the wake of Clark's death, protests have been mostly peaceful outside the Fourth Precinct, but there were a few tense moments between the community and police officers.

Activists, who are also calling for the two officers involved in the shooting to be prosecuted, the AP says, remained camped out Sunday morning, despite below-freezing temperatures.

Activists discuss what's next

On Sunday night, Black Lives Matter held a meeting for the community to "discuss moving forward," the group's Facebook page says, adding: "A lot has happened in the last week and we want to go over our wins, statement/promises of the governor, next steps of the occupation."

Media members weren't allowed at the meeting, but Black Lives Matter spokeswoman Kandace Montgomery read a statement, the Star Tribune says.

"I think Gov. Dayton was willing to show more willingness to work with us and pursue justice. I think he came to the table with more passion," Montgomery said, according to KARE 11.

Black Lives Matter also noted Dayton said he'll sit down with members of the group and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change "to craft policies," the Star Tribune says.

The group said they can only promise protests will continue through Sunday and Monday nights, KARE 11 notes. Activists are planning a march in Minneapolis Tuesday.

Funeral set for Wednesday

Clark's funeral has been set for Wednesday at Shiloh Temple on Broadway in north Minneapolis, family members said Sunday.

The Star Tribune reports a visitation is set for 10 a.m. to noon, when the funeral service will begin. The events are open to the public and media.

Clark's family is asking that there be no rallies on Wednesday, a spokesperson said, adding the family doesn't want the day to become "political," according to The Associated Press.

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