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A year later, Sartell remembers the explosion that killed a man and closed a paper mill


Memorial Day 2012 was anything but peaceful for Sartell, the town that saw its paper mill explode, taking the life of man and creating the largest fire ever in central Minnesota a year ago.

The St. Cloud Times reports that on Monday, more than 200 people gathered in remembrance at Veterans Park with the silenced Verso Paper mill in the background. A year ago, the explosion took the life of Jon Maus, injured several others and shut down the factory that was older than the city itself, the paper says.

“We continue to grieve the loss of life and the loss of jobs,” Sartell Mayor Joe Perske said Monday, according to the Times.

The mill was the city's largest employer, even though it had endured 175 layoffs in 2011. Now the mill will slowly disappear, the paper reports, as most of the buildings are torn down for scrap metal. AIM Development, a division of Montreal-based American Iron & Metal, bought the site in March for $12.5 million.

The town still feels the hurt, as the paper notes that "throughout the ceremony, attendees wiped away tears and held on to their loved ones."

Maus' sister, Jodi Lingenfelter, attended the ceremony, according to the paper, and said, “For the community, the loss is huge."

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Dayton, officials pledge support for Sartell in wake of paper mill closing

Gov. Mark Dayton and other government officials said Friday that they will pledge support for the city of Sartell after Verso Paper Corp. announced it was shutting down its fire-damaged paper mill for good. Dayton, who was in Sartell with U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and other lawmakers, vowed to use his clout to bring jobs back to the Verso site. More than 260 employees worked at the plant.

Sartell tries to envision life after the paper mill

The owners changed over the years, but Sartell's paper mill has provided hundreds of jobs for more than a century. Those days are gone following Verso Paper's decision not to reopen the fire-damaged plant. Now Gov. Dayton will put together a task force to look at how to reuse the 37 acre site on the Mississippi River. Verso says it will share its list of potential buyers.

Verso pays Sartell for paper mill fire expenses

Verso Paper Corp. on Monday paid the city of Sartell in full – about $398,000 – for its response to a Memorial Day fire that ultimately led to the permanent closing of the company's paper plant, the St. Cloud Times reports. There were 92 agencies from across the state that helped fight the blaze and 68 of those sought repayment.