Abortion numbers in Minnesota go up for the first time since 2006


The number of abortions in Minnesota increased by 2.2 percent in 2014, the first time it's gone up since 2006.

Figures released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Health shows there were 10,123 abortions carried out in Minnesota last year, a rise on the 9,903 carried out in 2013.

It followed seven years of drops since 2006, when there were 14,605 abortions. The Pioneer Press notes much of the increase seen in 2014 can be attributed to a rise in abortions among American Indian women, whose abortion rate per 100 live births rose from 12.8 to 17.5. There was a small rise among Asian woman as well.

The most popular reason given to doctors for wanting an abortion was "Does not want children at this time," given in just under 7,000 cases, while around 2,700 said they didn't want a baby "for economic reasons."

More findings

A relatively small number of abortions were carried out on women who had been victims of crimes. The report shows that 74 were victims of rape, while 13 became pregnant as a result of incest.

Almost half of abortions carried out in the state were done via Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, with Whole Women's Health and Robbinsdale Clinic carrying out the second- and third-most.

Women aged between 20 and 24 had the most abortions at 3,136, followed by 25- to 29-year-olds. There were 32 abortions carried out on girls under the age of 15, and 275 on those aged 15-17.

Around two-thirds of operations were carried out when the fetus was less than 9 weeks old, with all but 993 taking place during the first trimester, and the rest in the second.

In just under a third of cases, the women became pregnant even though they were actively using contraception at the time of conception, while about half said they were using contraception, but not at the time of conception.

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