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About 70 state websites, including MNsure, were down Tuesday

Officials aren't sure what caused the "widespread" outages.

Tuesday was not the best day to try to access one of the Minnesota government's websites.

Nov. 1 was the the first day people could sign up for health insurance through MNsure, and it didn't go as smoothly as many had hoped.

First, its call center was tied up by robocallers. Then its website crashed.

And the MNsure website wasn't the only one that was down Tuesday. State IT officials told GoMN about 70 different state websites were experiencing outages over a 30 minute period.

State officials say the "widespread" outages started around 11:15 a.m.

By 11:45., all the websites were back up and running, though.

Officials told GoMN they're not exactly sure what caused the outages. Meanwhile, WCCO reports that the crashes do not appear to have been security-related or deliberate.

As far as the robocalls that clogged up MNsure phone lines, Gov. Mark Dayton has said someone deliberately did that.

Other website attacks

On Monday, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson confirmed an internet attack that happened over the summer there.

A City worker opened an email from a scammer. That gave the hacker temporary access to the worker’s email account. A probe has found the hacker may have gained access to details of up to 55,000 people.

However, Larson assured the public that the current voter ID file had not been tampered with. She says the attack won't have any impact on anyone planning to vote or who has already voted in the Nov. 8 elections.

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