Activists march through Minneapolis to fight Islamophobia


Activists took to the streets of Minneapolis Saturday afternoon in a march against Islamophobia.

The Minnesota Anti-War Committee – which, as the name suggests, is anti-war anti-violence – organized the event with Minnesotans Against Islamophobia.

According to the news release, the group started at May Day Plaza at 1 p.m. and marched to the Republican Party's office on Franklin Ave.

Unicorn Riot says more than 150 people participated.

In videos posted to the Facebook page, people can be heard chanting "CVE has got to go."

CVE stands for the U.S. government's Countering Violent Extremism efforts.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the efforts are used to prevent terrorism.

Some groups – like the Anti-War Committee and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – argue that the CVE unfairly targets American Muslims, though.

The Anti-War Committee goes as far as to say the programs are used to "spy on and criminalize the Somali community."

When the group made it to the the Republican Party of Minnesota's office, Unicorn Riot says they stopped to voice their disapproval of Donald Trump.

In February, CAIR-MN announced it had received tens of thousands of dollars in grants to fight Islamophobia.

Around that time, there was a rise in incidents involving Islamophobia – like intimidation, threats, bullying and harassment towards Muslims.

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