Actor TJ Miller tells Conan about his run-in with police while wielding an ax at MOA

"Kudos to the Minnesota police department," Actor TJ Miller said.
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Actor TJ Miller was on Conan this week, talking about his new toy – a battle-ax.

The HBO's Silicon Valley star explained to Conan O'Brien that he traveled to the Mall of America with it. Miller says he and his wife had been walking along the outside of the mall when his wife got cold. So, being the gentleman he is, Miller took off his shirt and gave it to his wife to keep warm.

Then as Miller was walking around the Mega Mall, shirtless and wielding a battle-ax, a police officer stopped them.

"We turn and there's this cop. And he goes 'sir, put the battle-ax down and step towards the vehicle,'" Miller said.

After checking their IDs, the cop put the ax in the squad car's trunk and drove Miller and his wife back to the Radisson.

"Which is the definition of white-privlage," Miller noted as the crowd burst out laughing.

And after the actor explained his weapon had safety caps covering the blades, the officer gave him back his battle-ax.

"Kudos to the Minnesota police department," Miller said.

You can watch Miller tell the entire story here.

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