Adrian Peterson says he'd be a fit in Houston, Tampa Bay or New York

Peterson already has three teams in mind.

The Vikings face a critical decision this offseason on whether to pick up the $17 million left on Adrian Peterson's contract. They can flat out cut him and use the money in free agency, or bring him back on a more team-friendly deal.

Although he's still technically under contract, Peterson has already revealed his wish list of teams he'd like to play for. He told ESPN's First Take that he's open to playing for the Texans, Buccaneers and Giants.

It would make sense that Peterson wants to play for the Texans as he grew up not too far away in Palestine, Texas. He credits Tampa and New York as having good defenses that could also win a championship.

His interview with the First Take crew can be found below. It's at the end of the interview where Peterson talks about where he see's himself if it's not in Minnesota.

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