Affidavit: Minn. National Guardsman stole classified military ID info


A Minnesota National Guardsman from Maplewood is in federal custody after being accused of stealing classified information to benefit his militia, the Associated Press reports.

Federal court documents say 25-year-old Keith Michael Novak, a human intelligence analyst with the Guard, stole names, Social Security numbers and security clearance levels of about 400 members of his former Army unit in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, which he intended to use to create fake IDs for his militia, according the Associated Press.

Two undercover FBI employees posing as members of a Utah-based militia learned of Novak's alleged activity in January. An affidavit obtained by the Associated Press said Novak provided the undercover agents with an electronic copy of the classified information in July.

The affidavit also states Novak sent one of the undercover agents the information of 44 individuals in November to have fake ID cards made.

The Associated Press says from Feb. 26, 2009, to Sept. 3, 2012, Novak served as an active-duty soldier and intelligence analyst with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. He served in Iraq in 2010.

Efforts to better protect military personnel's risk of identity theft have been underway for several years, Pentagon officials say. The Army Times reported members of the military are constantly prompted to provide their Social Security numbers when doing basic tasks, such as logging onto a computer, making the information more susceptible to theft.

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