Affidavit says Bachmann was aware of theft of e-mail list


The Iowa manager of Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential campaign said that the Republican Congresswoman told another staffer that she was aware that an e-mail address list had been stolen.

The Star Tribune reports that Iowa political consultant Eric Woolson testified in a sworn affidavit that the Sixth District Congresswoman acknowledged to another staffer last year that she knew of the alleged theft of a home school organization's e-mail list by the Iowa chair of her campaign. The affidavit contradicts official accounts given by Bachmann's campaign that suggested the list was taken inadvertently and mistakenly used in fundraising.

Woolson supports the accounts given by two other ex-Bachmann staffers, including Barb Heki. Heki claims in a lawsuit that the contact list was stolen from her personal computer in her private office at Bachmann headquarters.

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