After 2 weeks on the run, abduction suspect Jahon Douglas is arrested

Jahon Douglas had been on the run since the Dec. 21 incident.

The Essentials

1. Jahon Douglas was arrested in north Minneapolis on Thursday, two weeks after he allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Smith, at gunpoint near 10301 Bren Road in Minnetonka on Dec. 21.

2. Douglas let Smith go on Dec. 23 and she returned safe to her family, but the hunt for the 37-year-old, possibly armed suspect continued.

3. Despite fleeing when police approached him at a property in the 3800 block of Girard Avenue North, Minneapolis on Thursday, Douglas was taken into custody a few blocks away without incident.

What Else You Should Know

The main feeling among law enforcement after Douglas' capture is one of relief that nobody was harmed in the incident.

At a press conference Thursday, Minnetonka police Capt. Andy Gardner told media it was a "very positive outcome to a potentially tragic case."

"This was an abduction but a complicated one with many layers due to personal history relationship between Douglas and Smith," he added.

GoMN usually has a policy of not naming suspects who have been arrested and not charged, but is naming Douglas in this case as he was the subject of a widely publicized search effort.

Police have been looking for Douglas since witnesses allegedly saw him abduct Smith, with efforts continuing since Smith returned to family in Anoka two days before Christmas.

Since then, police have been surveilling places that Douglas is known to visit, which ultimately led them to a property in north Minneapolis.

"There was not a single day that went by we weren't actively investigating this," Gardner added.

Smith was not armed when he was arrested, and the gun he is said to have used in the initial abduction has not been recovered.

He is now in custody awaiting charges.

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