After 29 years, Stillwater couple closing down 'House of Santas'


An annual display of nearly 10,000 Santa Claus items in a house in Stillwater is coming to an end after the holidays in January, the Pioneer Press reports.

Lois Kohns, 78 and her husband, Dick, 82, have opened their 21-room private home, known as "The House of Santas," to tours for the past 29 years. Since then, visitors from all over the world -- including some from Brazil, England, Germany, Australia and Russsia -- have come to see the display.

Lois Kohns said she got her first Santa Claus at age 5 -- a small, cast-iron figurine of St. Nick. But after years of collecting, she and her husband said they have the urge to do something different.

The last day of the display will be Jan. 9, the Pioneer Press reported. After that, the Kohns and their five children will go through the collection of items and pick out what they want to keep and auction off or sell the rest of the items on eBay.

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