After 65 years together, husband, wife die on same day


Clifford and Eva Vevea spent most of their 65 years of marriage in Crookston, Minn., where they did everything together, from house painting to dancing, the Grand Forks Herald reports. The two moved their recliner chairs together so they could hold hands.

And the two held hands on Sunday, the day Clifford, 93, died, the newspaper reported. Later that day, Eva, 90, also died.

A local longtime funeral director said it is a very rare case that a longtime husband and wife would die on the same day, although he said that within a year is not unusual.

The Herald reports that a close friend said, “It’s so unreal that they would die on the same day. But Eva had prayed for that. It would have been very sad for the one left behind because of their closeness.”

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