After carrying her daughter's baby, North Dakota woman gets to be grandma

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Now that she's given birth to another healthy girl, 51-year-old Sherri Dickson is settling into her role of being grandmother to the baby.

Dickson, of Bismarck, North Dakota, served as surrogate mother – carrying the baby of her daughter and son-in-law, Mandy and Jamie Stephens, Good Morning America reports.

Mandy, 32, first became pregnant in 2013 but went into early labor and lost the baby, whom she'd named Theo, she tells Good Morning America.

Sherri tells the program that watching her own child lose a child was "the definition of sadness."

Advised that her risk of another premature birth was high, Mandy began looking at options for a surrogate and was told by her doctor that her mother would be the best fit, the Bismarck Tribune's Be Magazine reports.

Sherri had been through pregnancies, had not reached menopause, and was well-positioned to psychologically avoid attachment, the doctor reasoned.

But there was a complication: Sherri has multiple sclerosis. Be Magazine reports she had to suspend her MS medication during the in vitro fertilization process, but once she was pregnant the MS went into remission.

Sherri laughingly tells KFYR-TV about another hazard of having a baby in middle age. It seems that even with her reading glasses on, Sherri had trouble making out the results of her home pregnancy test – and her husband, Tom, had to find his glasses, as well.

Mandy tells the station her daughter was born on July 31 and was named Myla James Stephens. Myla, she explains, is a name that means miracle, while James was the middle name of her brother, Theo James Stephens.

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