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After CIA and FBI pressure, Trump delays release of some JFK files

Hundreds of secret documents won't be released today, as planned.

That long-awaited release of secret files from the JFK assassination? It's been delayed 6 months.

In a move that's likely to send conspiracy theorists into overdrive, President Donald Trump blocked the release of hundreds of files due for declassification under federal law on Thursday, at the behest of the CIA and FBI.

The Associated Press reports Trump will write "I have no choice" in a memo confirming that certain files relating to the killing would be placed under a six-month review.

The National Archives will still release some 2,800 JFK-related records on Thursday, but hundreds more will remain secret for now, CNN notes.

The move comes as a bit of a surprise as Trump has been hyping the release of the documents all week on Twitter, but in the end followed the advice of intelligence operatives to hold some back.

That said, Trump's memo to intelligence officials will say that at the end of the review, the "public expects and deserves its government to produce as much access as possible to the John F. Kennedy assassination records."

President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 generated some of America's most enduring conspiracy theories, among them the popular "Grassy Knoll" scenario that says Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the only shooter.

CBS reports that the CIA and FBI have been lobbying the president for days to hold some documents back, but don't get excited that it's proof of some juicy JFK-related secrets.

Citing sources, the TV station says much of the concern centers on papers generated in the 1990s, when legislation was being created setting Thursday as the release date.

These documents may contain the names of intelligence sources and operations from the recent past.

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