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After flub, fired Bismarck news anchor finds fame


Fired Bismarck, N.D., TV news anchor A.J. Clemente – who was canned this week after appearing just a few minutes his first night on the air – has been basking in a national spotlight far brighter than anything the rookie broadcaster ever imagined.

Clemente is now famous for beginning his career at KFYR-TV with two profanities, uttered as the nervous rookie anchor began his first Sunday night news broadcast.

The station promptly fired him, despite many who took to social media to call on his bosses to give the new kid a break. Clemente apologized, thanked the station for the opportunity and kept a sense of humor:

Since then, the story and the unfortunate video clip have gone viral, and national TV shows have been scrambling to book him. Clemente appeared on “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” on Wednesday morning, where he was offered the chance to cover a red carpet event for the show.

He's due to appear on "The Late Show" with David Letterman on Wednesday night.

And on NBC's "Today" show on Wednesday, he explained further what led to the blunder and said he had fully expected to be fired for it.

On MSNBC's “Morning Joe,” news veteran Tom Brokaw shared with Clemente an encouraging story about a gaffe early in his career:

Clemente seems to be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame:

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