After internet and cable, now Comcast wants to be your cellphone provider


You know how much you love having Comcast as your pay-TV provider? Well starting next year they could be your cellphone provider as well.

Comcast Corp. CEO Brian Roberts announced Tuesday the company intends to launch a wireless service by mid-2017, the Wall Street Journal reports, as it looks for new ways to retain its TV customers.

The cable giant intends to piggyback off airwaves leased from America's biggest cellphone plan provider, Verizon, as well as the 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots Comcast has across the U.S.

The roll-out would be limited to where Comcast is the cable provider, the Pioneer Press reports, which puts nearly half of Minnesota including the Twin Cities – where it is the biggest and cable provider – firmly in its sights.

It's figured that Comcast will add its mobile service to its customer bundles, combining it with cable and internet packages, with telecom analyst Jan Dawson telling the Pioneer Press Comcast will "have to offer some steep discounts" to attract customers from their existing provider.

Comcast should be able to keep things cheaper thanks to its wireless hotspot network, which according to NYMag sees cellphones "lean heavily on Wi-Fi" when possible.

It's this that allows existing enterprises such as Project Fi to start cellphone plans for as little as $15 a month.

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