After mayor's insult, Minneapolis police union is selling #jackass shirts

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An insult from mayor Betsy Hodges has sparked an unlikely fundraising idea for the Police Officers' Federation of Minneapolis.

The police officer union's charity arm has started selling shirts emblazoned with #jackass, and KARE 11 reports they've proved a hit with union members.

Why #jackass? The white letters laid on a black shirt are the latest move in an ongoing feud between federation president Lt. Bob Kroll and Mayor Hodges.

It all started when four off-duty Minneapolis police officers pulling security at a Lynx game walked off the job because Lynx players were wearing shirts said "Black Lives Matter" on them.

Their shirts also featured references to police shooting victims Afton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the crest of the Dallas Police Department following the killing of five officers during a protest.

Kroll commended the officers and said other would likely do the same. He also said only four officers were working at the time because the Lynx have a "pathetic draw."

Long story short, Hodges called out Kroll on "jackass remarks," in this Facebook post.

A police federation spokesperson told BringMeTheNews that the money raised from the sales of the shirts will go into the federation's charity fund.

These funds are disbursed throughout the year to various local causes.

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