After one last blast, cold snap should ease as weekend approaches


Far northern Minnesota may hit the 40 below zero mark Thursday morning, after flirting with it for much of the week.

This week's deep freeze has brought the mercury down to 35 below or colder in Embarrass, Babbit, and Crane Lake.

Duluth spent 82 consecutive hours below zero before briefly visiting positive territory on Wednesday. International Falls still hasn't emerged after going negative on Saturday.

The cold weather inconveniences many of us, but can be deadly to those without a home. Shelters in Fargo and Moorhead are among those overflowing with people looking for relief from the cold. WDAY visited one where offices have been converted to overflow sleeping space.

It's an especially cold week for much of the country. But, as usual, when Americans think of cold weather they look to Minnesota. A St. Paul security guard listed his cold weather armor for a New York Times reporter: “Hat, hood, four coats, two long johns, four socks, gloves with the handwarmers inside.”

Some of those layers may soon fall by the wayside, though. The forecast shows Minnesota emerging from the icebox over the next few days, with temperatures in the Twin Cities approaching 30 degrees on Sunday.

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