After pressure, 3M will ensure paper supplies don't come from threatened forests

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Post-it notes are going green.

Not the color, but the material.

Minnesota-based 3M agreed to take a harder line on its suppliers to ensure it is getting it's paper and pulp from sustainable sources of timber, the Star Tribune reports.

Under the new policy, the Maplewood company will require its suppliers to report the original "forest sources" of the goods it's supplying, and 3M will refuse to buy anything from "threatened forests," the newspaper notes.

According to MPR, the shift in policy at 3M comes after a long-running battle with little-known environmental group ForestEthics.

The group has protested several 3M events over the years, MPR reports, hanging banners and hiring a plane to circle Target Field during All-Star week last summer with a message saying "3M, do the right thing for forests."

3M, which counts Post-it notes and Scotch tape among its brands, buys millions of tons of pulp and paper every year, and The New York Times notes that the change in policy is expected to affect 5,000 suppliers in 70 different countries.

ForestEthics has been celebrating a victory following the decision and has thanked 3M for the shift in policy. A history of the group's battle with 3M can be found here.

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